My name is Tom Ordonio and by now you might have guessed that I am a fashion designer.  I am a Fashion Student, to be exact.  I am currently attending the New York Fashion Academy in Seattle, WA.  Right now, I'm working on my final collection which will be shown at a fashion show later in April 2013.

Hopefully,  this blog will give you an idea of my work and a sense of who I am as a designer.


I love fashion.  As cliche as that sounds, its true.  I really started my fashion education in the 90's at the height of minimalism.  Jil Sander and Helmut Lang were the designers of the moment and everything they did seemed so new and different to me.  I also loved what Tom Ford was doing at Gucci.  Sex and Glamour.  Period.

Since then, I've loved seeing how fashion has evolved.  I have a greater appreciation for clothing construction and draping, but I feel that this period, in particular, has really influenced my idea of fashion and beauty.

Tom Ford A/W '96

Tom Ford A/W '96

Gucci Ad A/W 1996

Helmut Lang S/S 2000

Helmut Lang S/S 2000

In school, my instructors are always telling us to 'know your history'. That is, study the past in order to design intelligently for the future. I guess, in many ways, that's what I love about fashion. Being able to pull ideas from the past, to take what I find beautiful and rework it in, hopefully, a new way. There seems to be so much hope to me in that idea.

Anyway, I hope that wasn't too melodramatic for you!  And I hope that I've peaked your interest enough for you to visit again.  I'll try to update the blog at least on a semi-regular basis.  And maybe soon I'll have pics of my debut collection posted for you (to judge!)  HAA!


Tom Ordonio